Comparison Chart

Technical InformationRTD12 KURORTD1723RTD3126
Lift Capacity8000kg...12 000kg, intelligent17 000kg31 000kg
Own weight36 800kg50 500kg73 900kg
Stacking heightUp to 7.9m (with 3.7P900 and 4.0P900 grapples)Up to 7.2m (with 4.8P900 grapple)Up to 7.9m
Reach3.0m, load distance 5.1m from the front face3.0m, load distance 5.1m from the front face4.7m, load distance 7m from the front face
Standard grapple4.0m² (4.0P900)4.8m² (4.8P900)7.8m² (7.8P900)
Wheel base4.8m4.8m5.7m
Turning RadiusR 6.9mR 6.5mR 7.8m
Engine Power210kW265kW285kW
Travelling speed30km/h30km/h27km/h