When creating the new generation RTD12 KURO, we used all of our 40 years of experience in producing and developing log stackers. In order to implement the most up to date technology, we collected a network of partners from 12 companies with the best competence and know-how found in Finland to develop this machine. The basis for all the thinking and development has been low operational costs, the lowest possible fuel consumption, simplicity in design and ease of maintenance.


Ease of use and maintenance

RTD12 KURO is a revolutionary log handler in many respects. Its appearance is modern, but still conventional. The technology built into it, however, is nothing short of revolutionary. It is built for an ease of maintenance that’s never been seen before. Engine and transmission maintenance access are located right behind the service doors. A whole new cabin was developed with Intuitive 12” graphical touch screen user interface, mini-sized finger-operated joysticks and variable mounting locations for practically everything in the cabin.



The target application for RTD12 KURO is sawmill operations, work that until today was often performed by wheel loaders. Here comes the challenger: RTD12 KURO which exceeds the performance of wheel loaders with much a higher stacking capability, better manoeuvrability and more capacity. Based on a yearlong field testing follow-up, the fuel consumption has proved to be 5-6 litres/hour lower than that of other popular wheel loaders.