Performance and versatility

RTD1723 is a proven sawmill machine used by most large sawmill companies in Central Europe. It is the master at unloading trucks and can pick a full bundle with a single take from most trucks outside of Scandinavia. Other main tasks include picking from sorting line pockets and transporting to piles, storage logistics on wood yard and transportation of logs to the saw tables at the mill. The flexibility of RTD1723 for many different kinds of log handling operations is made possible by offering a wide range of grapples in various shapes and sizes.


Ease of use and maintenance

The component layout and access are well designed: The hydraulic functions are on the left side, and the electrics are on the right. The control system features a graphic display with an advanced stability guard and a load display in tons. At all times, the machine knows its status and this information can be used for various load and speed limitations, thereby enhancing safety and durability.


Power and Manoeuvrability

RTD1723 has a powerful but economical diesel engine that complies with the latest emission requirements and a 5 speed automatic transmission with a lock-up feature which can be disengaged for smoother short distance manoeuvring. The turning radius is extremely tight: this big machine can turn even in a congested space.