Most of the large European and South American companies which use round wood as a raw material have used RTD3126 for years as the ultimate wood handling equipment. The typical task for RTD3126 is truck unloading. The efficiency criteria for unloading is ”the whole bundle with one take” or when using TW’s patented Twin Grapple even two truck bundles at the same time. A wide range of grapples and even custom designed grapples are available for RTD3126.


Ease of use and maintenance

The component layout and access are well designed: The hydraulic functions are on the left side, and the electrics are on the right. The control system features a graphic display with an advanced stability guard and a load display in tons. At all times, the machine knows its status and this information can be used for various load and speed limitations, thereby enhancing safety and durability.


Toughness and durability

RTD3126 is designed and built for the toughest possible requirements. Many users run them up to 8,000 operating hours a year – a true 24/7 process machine in conditions where the ambient temperature can vary between -35°C in the snow and ice to +40°C tropical conditions.