The New Cabin

A whole new cabin with new thinking was developed for RTD12 KURO. As the operator is the most important factor for productivity, everything around him/her needs to be truly optimized. The key to efficiency is ease of use.

We conducted an investigation of log stacker operations and realised that there should be the space and possibility for various variations regarding cabin equipment. This thinking resulted in the concept of variable mounting locations for practically everything in the cabin.

The New Cabin Features:


Mini-sized finger-operated joysticks improve the operator’s ergonomics and reduce work related arm injuries.


The cabin is fitted with three red device bars, which makes it possible to freely mount additional equipment, vary the position of the main control display (12” touch screen) or even the steering wheel on any location on these bars.


A large 12” graphical touch screen user interface is the most intuitive way for the operator to communicate with the machine. The criterion for the ease of use is that no instruction manual should be needed to operate most of the equipment’s functions.


The new cabin is considerably larger than any of the previous log stacker cabins. There is more legroom, but also more space behind the operator. The operator’s comfort is also considered by adding space for modern communication equipment, for instance there are charging plugs for mobile phones and tablets and also a mobile phone/tablet holder.


Every operator will have the possibility to configurate the machine settings to his/her own preference. The parameters can then be saved on a USB stick that is also a modern replacement to the ignition key.