TW Remote

The unique TW REMOTE generates online graphical reports on the user’s PC screen or mobile device of everything which is essential to the equipment’s operation. All the data from the equipment’s startup until the current date can be analyzed in TW REMOTE’s graphs. Numerical summary tables or monthly reports are no longer needed. The graphs are living reports and their time span can be freely selected from a single day to the entire lifespan of the equipment. And everything stays in the memory of the system.

TW REMOTE is a valuable tool for condition monitoring, early diagnostics, maintenance planning, capacity & work cycle planning and fuel economy. The hardware for TW REMOTE is a standard feature of RTD12 KURO. The new equipment comes with a free trial period for TW REMOTE and after the trial, the user can order a monthly subscription of the service depending on the actual need. TW REMOTE needs an Internet connection (data SIM with min. 256 kb/sec or WI-FI connection).